20 February, 2024

Afghani Value Climbs, Now 94 Afs Per Dollar

Afghan currency has stopped its steep drop against the dollar, which severely affected food prices across the country.

On Wednesday, one US dollar was exchanged for 102 Afs. On Tuesday money exchangers said a US dollar was traded for around 123 Afs, and in some cases 130Afs. Today, one US dollar is being exchanged for 94 Afs, according to the money exchangers.

The union of money exchangers of Sarai Shahzada said that it has been making all out efforts in coordination with Da Afghanistan Bank to prevent the smuggling of dollars.

“There are dollars deposited in Da Afghanistan Bank. It distributes dollars to the market when needed. We thwarted the propaganda of the enemies. The Afghan currency is at a good price now,” said Abdul Rahman Zirak, a spokesman for the union.

As Afghan currency lost its value against the dollar, the price of food, fuel and other commodities also spiked.

However, on Wednesday, the price of goods dropped as the US dollar saw a slight drop in exchange for Afs.

“Because the dollar was at an expensive price, the price of commodities increased. But since yesterday, the rate of the dollar is normal–but no one can be confident about it,” said Mohammad Kazim a shopkeeper.

“We call on the current government to take big steps to bring the situation under control. Manage the money,” said Murtaza, a resident.

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