MoF Delegation Visits Pakistan to Solve Trade Problems.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) on Wednesday said a delegation from the ministry has gone to Pakistan to resolve the problems faced by Afghan businesspeople, especially the issue of double taxation on traders who are active in both countries.

According to the ministry, the four-member delegation is holding a three-day meeting on December 29, 30 and 31 with Pakistani officials over taxes on Afghan traders.

“The visit is aimed to prevent double taxation. The issue is that a number of traders who are active in both countries pay taxes to both countries,” said MoF spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal.

Haqmal said the delegation will attempt to help Afghan traders active in two countries pay only one tax. “In other countries–such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India and Iran–where lots of Afghan businesspeople conduct trade, these types of discussions have been held with the officials of those countries, but nothing has been finalized. Our delegates will go again to these countries to resolve the issue of double taxation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce said if the double taxation problem is resolved and the traders pay only taxes to one country, the volume of trade will increase.

“This issue is a technical issue, and it should be discussed. There are lots of trading opportunities between Afghanistan and Pakistan and these opportunities should be taken,” said Naqibullah Safi, head of the joint chamber.

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